Hi! My dog is a rescue and we were told she is a boxer mix…

Hi! My dog is a rescue and we were told she is a boxer mix. Angel is really tall so she could be anything! Most people say she is a bullmastiff cane corso mix. She is a very large dog. We go for many walks around a pond (we live in Ontario Canada) so when I noticed this red pea-sized lump I guessed it was a splinter? It has not gone away and its been over a week. I am planning on taking her to the vet this weekend but I have been on google reading about possibilities and im super scared and worried now!!! It is not bothering her at all but then again she never yelps or makes sounds she is a very laid back dog. I have never heard her yelp and ive had her over a year.. What could it be? Please help me so I can stay calm until the weekend im really really worried.

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julie brader
5 years ago

Please don’t worry…..I just wondered if there is any kind of mark on the lump or an entry point? It could be as simple as a grass seed gone into his foot. Hope all goes well and good luck at the Vet.

Catherine Pepe
5 years ago

Don’t worry friend! Dog’s get lumps and cyst’s. Sometimes they are nothing and just need removed. Get a biopsy and Vet appointment and that will be a good point. Keep positive…you are her love and you already have given her an adopted family. What a wonderful blessing!

Catherine Pepe
5 years ago

how is she?