My boxer puppy is kind of goody like he hit his head too many times…

My boxer puppy is kind of goody like he hit his head too many times. Heis a puppy but I don’t know if that is how all puppies are. And he is very fearful of other dogs. We got him when he was about 15 weeks old and I really don’t see why or how that would affect him. I think that maybe something happened with another dog but when I got him I was hoping for a dog that will protect my young daughter when she goes out for runs. Will his behavior change as he gets older? Please, email me back at:
Thank you.

Attached is a picture of my boxer puppy.

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Eleanor Wood
7 years ago


Getting him at 15 weeks old means that you will have to work extra hard at socialisation, as the best time has already passed. Get him to puppy classes and training classes, take him everywhere you can. If he’s not properly socialised then taking him on a run will be more trouble than it’s worth for your daughter, but a confident, well-behaved dog is fun to run with. Lack of socialisation will be the most likely reason for his nervousness, but he won’t grow out of it without help.

Good luck!
Eleanor Wood