I just bought a white kitten and brought him into my house. He is extremely…

I just bought a white kitten and brought him into my house. He is extremely friendly and never leaves me alone. i have arranged everything for him but he constantly wants to be with me and climb on my face, what he wants??

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Margrit Simons
5 years ago

Hi Anas; You already got some great advice, and it is good that you care so much for your kitten, but I would not keep her on your lap constantly when you are in the house. That is only re-inforcing her unwanted behavior!

Ramiah Smith
5 years ago

He’s learning you. It may sound strange, but its true. Cats pick up on everything, which is why their temperamental. Your heart beat, the way you breathe, your scent, the smells that come out of your mouth..it’s all fascinating to cats, especially kittens. It’s his way of getting to know you and showing you how much he appreciates you. I got my second cat at 8 weeks, too. And she did the same thing. After awhile they’ll get used to the way you work and back off a bit. Though my cat is now 7 months old and follows me everywhere. She doesn’t get in my face… Read more »

Ramiah Smith
5 years ago

It may help to give him some dedicated quality time every day. Personally, I think it’s sweet when our cats are devoted to us, but I know sometimes it can seem a bit much. Giving him some one-on-one time every day may help so he becomes less needy during other parts of the day. Good luck!

Ramiah Smith
5 years ago

Whether they ever manifested anxiety before, the cat is showing it now. They need to be reassured that we love them, that we will come back, and there are things they can do that won’t get either of us in trouble. Get the cat acclimated to us leaving for short periods of time. Tell them, don’t just slip out the door. No drama works for dogs and children, but not cats. We have to demonstrate we don’t want to leave them, so we hug them, tell them we will be gone, we will be back. Then leave. We come right back, before the… Read more »