My four year old Border terrier was diagnosed with IVDD just over a week ago…

My four year old Border terrier was diagnosed with IVDD just over a week ago. He was taken for the surgery the following day and has since been recuperating and building strength in the vets. Last night, he finally came home and as instructed I have been careful not to let him jump. The vets seemed really happy with his progress as just two days after the surgery, he was able to walk on his own.
I have been told to use the larger crate so he can move around but unfortunately he jumped up (still in his crate) as he was excited to see me and I immediately opened the door to try and stop him jumping around so much. He then struggled to walk after and his back legs collapsed. I am worried that he has hurt himself or has relapsed. This morning he was quivering but then managed to walk outside and wee on his own. Has anyone been in a similar situation after surgery for IVDD? Should I be worried about every move he makes? I phoned the vet straight away and they said it could be his pain killers have worn off and the movement caused him a bit of pain.
I know I have to be careful but feel a bit helpless sometimes as I cannot control every move he makes. Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

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Krista Magnifico

Hello, I hope that your pup just re-aggregated his back, and that with rest and pain meds you will be back on the road to recovery. I see his often. Let’s start to feel so good they overdo it and strain something. It’s so hard to keep them quiet without boredom setting in, but we have to because they will hurt themselves by being too active or making a slip up somewhere. I really hope this is a short set back. Be diligent. Call you vet as often as you need to. Also try to keep your chin up and… Read more »