My cat is blocked, took him to two vets both 3000. No one is trying…

My cat is blocked, took him to two vets both 3000. No one is trying to work with me, I don’t gave that kind of money, no credit; in Los Angeles,California. Do you know anywhere that can help? I have already spent about 400, just to be told that 3000 is it
I’m so upset and frustrated, it’s the 3 day.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Call, and keep calling everyone! Every local vet, every rescue, shelter. Everyone. And check out my videos and blog. ESP the “get out alive” versions. You can find it cheaper. You have to beg, plead, and keep asking.

2 years ago

Hello. I’m sorry you’re in this predicament. You said no one will work with you? Meaning that they won’t offer partial payment upfront and then pay it off ASAP? That’s a shame if that is the case. Do you have a credit card that you could put it on and talk to the card company about lowering your interest rate explaining the reasoning? Or have you tried to see if local rescues can do it for less money? Or if they can offer assistance? Good luck.