I have a black lab, hes about 6 and has always been quiet, mellow and…

I have a black lab, hes about 6 and has always been quiet, mellow and very submissive but of late he has developed severe seperation anxiety howling within minutes of me leaving the house, and when i am in he seems desperate for attention, whining, pacing and being generally annoying. His appetite is the same (greedy like most labs) and hes not drinking any more or less water than usual, is there something i should be concerned about or is this a phase type issue?

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1 year ago

Hi there-
Has anything in your dog’s routine suddenly changed? Sometimes that can disrupt their normal behavior and cause anxieties. I would also talk to my vet- there may be something going on medically. A physical and blood work would be a good place to start. If everything comes back normal (that’s good?) I would revisit obedience training. It’s mentally stimulating and good for both owner and dog. I would also try to stick to a dependable routine and make sure to have at least 2 good, long walks each day. They are so beneficial. Hope this helps!!