My 3.5months pomeranian is bitting me mlst of the time.during the playing.sometime is slow…

My 3.5months pomeranian is bitting me mlst of the time.during the playing.sometime is slow but some times not. Recently when I’m sleep he jump to my face and bitting me…. is it playing or protest to waking up???? My hand are crushed and always red because of this.I dont know what shall i do?!

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Laura Mikesell
5 years ago

Puppies always nip when they want to play with you. If he hurts you, grab him around his muzzle firmly but not hurting him and lightly tapping him on the nose saying a firm and loud “no!”. This shows him that what he is doing is not okay and that he is hurting you and that you are serious and not playing around about it. If he isn’t hurting you, puppies nip and that’s just what they do when they play 

PK Dennis
5 years ago

Watch this video on YouTube – you will learn how to redirect your puppy’s biting!  Zack has a whole series of really good videos that will help you as your pup learns and grows.

Good luck!

5 years ago

i don’t think force free is 100% correct for every dog, but the muzzle grab and tap certainly is antiquated.

5 years ago

this is…the wrong way to go about training a puppy. it’s old fashioned and there are better ways, now.

julie brader
5 years ago

Your puppy is teething!! Most puppies will chew on whatever is in front of them at this stage, even if it happens to be you ? No disrespect to Laura Mikesell but I don’t agree with holding his muzzle or tapping him, this won’t stop him…and I personally don’t agree with any method where force is involved. Better to “yelp” like one of his siblings before he left them and his mum….and distract him with a toy. Get him some toys he can chew on…and will be safe doing so. Imagine a baby teething? Its the same thing.  His adult… Read more »