My tenacious, wonderful, beloved 12-year-old cat is a cancer survivor. She has an uncommon…

My tenacious, wonderful, beloved 12-year-old cat is a cancer survivor. She has an uncommon form of cutaneous mast cell cancer that causes her to have thousands of small tumors all over her skin. 2 1/2 years ago she had a splenectomy and takes antihistamines daily to control what is now low-grade cancer. Last year she started having upper respiratory issues, including severe congestion and nasal discharge. To make a very long story short, after an exploratory, CT scan, rhinoscopy, multiple biopsies and cultures she’s finally been diagnosed with possible rhinitis which includes an E Coli infection, severe sinus inflammation, and a nasal polyp. When last visualized (about a month ago) the polyp is in her nasal passage, just above her throat. She’s on her 2nd, 2-week course of the antibiotic Meropenem, which I inject subQ 3x a day, which makes me a bit nervous considering the tumors – I’m concerned it could cause a histamine reaction and trigger the cancer further. We’ve been seeing a specialist in the Los Angeles area, and the bills have become astronomical. The polyp needs to be removed, we’ve been told it will cost $1500 – 3,000, depending on whether it can be pulled out, or if it’s too far up, I’ve been told the surgeon may have to go thru her soft or hard palate, (which, to put it mildly has me a little freaked out). We have to be careful dealing with her based on her cancer (which so far is under control and we treat as a chronic condition). The good news is that she handles anesthesia rather well. (She’s one heck of a tough cat). My questions are: is it normal to have to go thru the palate to remove a polyp? Are there any surgeons in the LA area that are versed in both the easier traction surgery, as well as the more complicated version, that won’t cost an arm and a leg (I’m willing to go further out)? How common, or dangerous, is going thru the soft or hard palate?

Thank you, from both of us!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, It is hard for me to answersome of these without knowing he patient. I will say that I have seen a lot of polyps and never had to make any approach other than in the mouth as all of the YouTube videos on this surgery show. If you cannot afford the specialist find a general practictioner in your area and ask them to look at your cat and try to remove it. My guess is that they can do it fairly easily and affordably. If they can’t then you are prob not any worse off than you are now.… Read more »