My cat has had a UTI before and it’s been treated but she keeps peeing…

My cat has had a UTI before and it’s been treated but she keeps peeing on my bed, i also have 2 dogs, who she gets along with, so I’m not sure if it’s a territorial thing or that it can be more than a UTI, she still uses her litter box. She’s also a indoor cat, and a 3 legged cat.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, This is best addressed at your vets office. Start with an examination and urinalysis,, too many people assume its a UTI and we have learned that it is only the case about a third of the time. diet, lifestyle and stress are all important things to discuss. also going back to litter box training, and safe housing for them away from other pets or loud places also helps. start with the basics, address stress, make sure everyone is spayed and neutered, no inter-pet anxiety is present, and allow your cat a safe place to retreat to. i also think… Read more »

3 years ago

Good morning. I’m sure you have washed your bedding multiple times now, but have you tried a pet odor neutralizer? Perhaps your cat can still smell remnants of marking, and will continue to mark there because of that? I know that you said she gets along with the dogs, but dies she have her own space where only she and not the dogs can go? We have done this for our cat, who also gets along with our dogs, and it has helped with her behavior immensely. Sometimes I think they just need a break. You also may way to… Read more »