I have a 12 year old Beagle. He has had severe UTI’s in the past…

I have a 12 year old Beagle. He has had severe UTI’s in the past (passing blood clots) and it seems that since then he gets them more frequently. I notice that today he started asking to go out more often, was drinking more water than usual, and only urinating small amounts at a time. I would like to be proactive, and head off another UTI. I know in humans that taking cranberry can fend off a UTI, is there anything over the counter or holistic that I can give my sweet boy that won’t interact with the phenobarbital he takes for seizures?

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Brittany Lutz
6 years ago


So there is a product called Crananidin that essentially blocks the receptors for the bacteria that attach to the bladder wall in UTIs.  It’s something to discuss with your vet about.  It is a natural supplement. I would also make sure his weight is healthy and discuss with your vet about senior panel bloodwork which will show kidney levels, total blood counts, a urinalysis, etc. You can also look into a urine culture to see if through courses of antibiotics we now have antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Hope this helps

Jana Rade
6 years ago

Hi Sarah, it does seem to be the case, that if a dog gets a UTI, they’re that much more likely to get them again. The signs you’re describing certainly can indicate a UTI. You’re paying attention to your dog and staying on top of it, that’s great. Cranberry extract can help preventing UTIs and could probably help mitigate one that is already in progress but I don’t believe that it could cure a UTI in progress. You need to see your vet, have the diagnoses confirmed, urine cultured and the UTI treated. I mention culture (and sensitivity) because it… Read more »