I got a ball python on Saturday and the people told me to feed it…

I got a ball python on Saturday and the people told me to feed it two days after,so i tried frozen but she spit it out. Then I bought a live one and hasn’t touched it. Will she eat in due time or should I keep a close eye one her?

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5 years ago

my friend’s response:
Leave her alone for a week then try feeding size and type she was eating before.

5 years ago

when you thaw out the frozen rodent, are you letting it come to room temp, or are you warming it a little?  maybe brain it, as well?

NEVER FEED LIVE.  that’s a quick way to injury or death for your snake.

i asked a friend with quite a bit more BP experience (my experience is limited to corn/rat snakes, sand boas, and other small species).  will report back once he’s given me some suggestions.

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hello,Once upon a time I was involved with raising ball pythons. Thousands of them. Here is what worked for us and what we told clients that got a new pet. There are several things to take into consideration. Leave your new ball alone for a week and do not feed it. . It is very common for them to go off a feeding after moving. Ask what she was on before. Live or prekilled? frozen/thawed? Ask what she preferred. Chances are that’s what she will eat again.Was she eating rats? Mice? Size of them? Is she a full grown adult… Read more »