My cat had an aural hematoma 14 days ago. He went right to vet where…

My cat had an aural hematoma 14 days ago. He went right to vet where it was lanced & given a shot of depo medrol & prednisolone 15mg to take 2x’s/day for 5 days then once/day for 5 days & once every other day for 7 days. No antibiotics we’re given. Throughout the past 13 days liquid drained from the Lance site. Watery but milky in color. Today it is a pillow ear again. I am frantic that my vet is gonna say the only other alternative is surgery. Is there another alternative​? Why wouldn’t I have also gotten antibiotic to give these past 14 days? Was just left w/a gaping hole, no drain.

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Krista Magnifico
5 years ago

The missing piece to this puzzle is “what caused the hematoma to begin with?” If it was an ear infection then antibiotics are indicated. If it wasn’t they probably aren’t going to help. To be completely honest I don’t ever start with medical therapy I start with surgery for exactly this reason. I’d rather treat it once and have it done then put my clients and patients through trying when I am pretty sure the steorid route won’t work anyway.