I am thinking of adopting. I had 3 girls (all passed) and they hated each…

I am thinking of adopting. I had 3 girls (all passed) and they hated each other all their lives. Since the last passed I have dreams about 2 boys. Terrified of blocking though. Would cats 2-6 yrs already have an issue? What about spraying?

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Christina Chambreau
6 years ago

How wonderful to adopt again. Often flower essences, homeopathy, TTouch, Reiki and other treatments you can do will change “hating” behaviors. But that is in the past.  I think it is important to honor our dreams.  Please do not be terrified of blocking as then your fear may attract that as an issue. None of the cats who have been regularly in my care have blocked, though some did before coming to me. I have had a few cats (maybe 5%) in my practice who did spray to some degree, but usually it was easily treatable. (I have also had… Read more »

Kelly Furgason
6 years ago

Hi Lia,Congrats on considering adoption, especially older kitties.  Sometimes you can even adopt adult cats that are already matched up and get along, Spraying isn’t very common in adult male cats that are neutered. You shouldn’t have any problems with that. Recent studies online and from previous experience with multiple cats: Make sure if you have multiple cats that you provide multiple litter boxes, recommended at least 1extra than the number of cats you have. (2  cats =3litter boxes) .. As far as blocking, yes of course it could happen. There are several cat foods on the market that can… Read more »