I am planning on buying a labrador pup. I have a pretty busy schedule whole…

I am planning on buying a labrador pup. I have a pretty busy schedule whole day and don’t stay at home mostly during the day. My parents aren’t very keen about dogs. I need some tips on how to train and manage the dog whole day.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

I have to agree with the other responses — You are not at a point in your life that you should even consider having a dog.  If you are living with your parents and either of them is home during the day the dog would bond with them, and it would become their dog – not yours.  So if they aren’t happy with the idea of having a dog in their lives it is unfair to them, and to the dog. You should focus on your busy schedule and find a way to enjoy other people’s dogs.  Volunteer to walk… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi, I don’t know how anyone else would respond to your question but my advice is don’t get a puppy at all.  You have said you have a busy life and not home all day. Its not fair to leave a dog especially a puppy alone all day. How will you do the basics like housetraining? Dogs are pack animals and need to be with you. Plus Labradors are an active breed and need daily excercise and quite a lot of it. Getting a dog is a huge commitment of time, patience, lots of money on Vet fees and dedication… Read more »

Erick Schindler
5 years ago

Unless u have children or a friend or dog watcher I wouldn’t recommend a pup at all I do recommend a smaller group of dogs but puppy’s ask for alot of attention god bless that a pup that has a home and the owners away would be better then it sitting in a cage somewheres