I am looking to possibly adopt a 3 month old Maltese puppy. He was…

I am looking to possibly adopt a 3 month old Maltese puppy. He was born with a defective eye with no vision and the shelters vet recommended removing it. Per the shelter he is healing fine and doing well and ha full vision in the remaining eye. I just wanted a second opinion if the dog is likely to be ok or if there may be further complications moving forward due to the lack of an eye. Either physical and health issues or mental issues.

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Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

I would say adopt him. As far as I know and experienced it with different animals, they don’t have any problems if one eye is removed. If it is healing fine and the hole is closed, there should be no future problems regarding the missing eye.

Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

At my rescue we have adopted out many animals that have to had an eye removed due to complications prior to coming into rescue … every one has done amazingly well. I wouldn’t hesitate to go forward with the adoption!

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

ADOPT HIM!! Don’t let this stop you , eye conditions are treated and usually turn out great! Good luck!!