I am contemplating getting a rescue cat from the pound. The cat is 8 yrs…

I am contemplating getting a rescue cat from the pound. The cat is 8 yrs. old. I have one cat that is about 14 yrs. old. She has been our only cat, for about 8-9 yrs. I’m wondering, if she would be too upset, if I got another cat now.

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

Hi Linda,  In my opinion it is worth trying.  There are so many cats that need homes and if there is any chance it will work than it is well worth it.   Sometime it takes a while (8-12 months in some cases) for two cats to develop a friendship.  They may never “play” or “cuddle” together but hopefully they will truly enjoy each others company someday.  When you first bring the new cat home, put him/her in a small bathroom or any room that can be closed for a few days so that the two can have time to… Read more »

Catherine Pepe
5 years ago

I agree with Linda they need homes and actually they are playful and social. The older cat will have a healthier life playing with the kitten! Cats are forgiving, I would pick a a sex that the neutered cat that the is 14 year old cat is not. If she is 14 female then get a small boy male who is fixed and make sure he is as little as you can have him. Cats don’t get upset much …You can turn him into a good trained cat. Good luck!