My almost 3 year old black lab/ golden retriever has a slight limp. It’s his…

My almost 3 year old black lab/ golden retriever has a slight limp. It’s his back right leg. I don’t see anything in between his pads and he doesn’t seem to yelp when I rub on his leg. He has a slight knot, loose not attached to his leg below his thigh kinda. We went camping over the Memorial Day holiday and he did a lot of running and swimming, I’m hoping he’s just sore or pulled something and it will heal. My other concern is he was tested for Lymes before and it came back positive that he had came in contact with a tick but wasn’t infected to where he needed treated. He goes to the vet Monday for trimming and hotspots but I’m hoping the vet can get us in today. Makes me sad seeing him not put all his weight on it, but doesn’t seem to be in pain. What are your thoughts?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Sarah is spot on! Xox

2 years ago

Good morning. It sounds like your dog could have a couple of things going on. First, I would get the Lymes situation checked out. And I would probably ask for xrays to make sure that lump isn’t something very serious. Your dog may have just pulled a muscle over the holiday weekend….but the fact that there is some sort of swelling or possible injury that is noticeable isn’t concerning enough where I would go to the vet. Especially now that it has been an entire week. If your vet has Saturday hours, i would definitely ty to get an appointment… Read more »

2 years ago

*is not isn’t.