I have a German Shepherd who just turned 10 years old in June. I noticed…

I have a German Shepherd who just turned 10 years old in June. I noticed last Saturday he had a hard time jumping up on the bed to come sit beside me, which is something he would be able to do flawlessly before so I gave him a boost up. Since then I have noticed he can’t walk fast anymore and is having a hard time getting up to walk. He has a decreased appetite but is still drinking water as normal. He is sitting to eat and drink and is walking slow with his back hind legs, I’ve seen him misbalance and fall forward with his hind legs giving out. Other than that I have rubbed his legs and back and no yelps in pain but he seems uncomfortable. Is this a result of old age?

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Steven, old age in itself doesn’t come with any symptoms. Symptoms mean something is going on medically; this includes difficulty getting up, walking, moving … Particularly with a sudden onset like you describe I’d want to see a vet as soon as possible and have it figured out.

Jana Rade
5 years ago

I feel compelled to say again that old age is not a disease. With age, some degenerative issues can come up or become more pronounced, such as arthritis, or DM .. but those are still diseases, not symptoms of age. With a sudden onset like that, I’d even want to look into tick-borne diseases, such as lyme. These things can be either treated or managed.

5 years ago

Hi Steve,

Sorry that your dog isn’t feeling well. With his age it def could be just from old age. Dogs also tend to hide pain or injury very well. So it could have been brewing for awhile and just now got so bad that it’s showing up to you. Glad that you are taking him to the vet this week, and hope he feels better soon.