Advice needed for indoor potty training due to waiting for booster shots to be completed. Hi…

Advice needed for indoor potty training due to waiting for booster shots to be completed.

Hi! Just two weeks ago we adopted a puppy from our local Humane Society named Jasper, who is 2 and a half months old now. The problem is that yesterday he received his first booster shots, and will need at least 3 more before he can go outside. This could take up to 9 weeks, and this is where the problems start to come into play.

Jasper knows how to use the pads now, we reward him with treats when he does it, and sometimes he’ll even go by himself onto them. The problem is it almost seems like he just goes so far with progress but then hits a bump in the road and completely goes downhill again, peeing everywhere and pooping everywhere. We’re now using large pads with a potty spray that he seems to like, but even then he still goes off it.

Was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a long wait game like this? I assume most pups get to go outside at Jaspers age depending on when they’re adopted and receive their first sets of shots. A lot of people keep telling us that by the time we get to take him out, it’ll be too late to train him to go outside. Plus, all of the videos and articles I’ve tried watching/reading all say the same thing, to take them outside. Due to living in an apartment complex with a large lake area where a lot of people walk their dogs, it wouldn’t be safe to bring him out right now, we don’t have a private place to go to.

Any suggestions on how to help him get over these bumps he keeps having in progress? Would be greatly appreciated!

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3 years ago

GOod morning,
My thinking is that so long as you keep him on leash to strictly do his business and avoid too much contact with other dogs until he is completely up to date, it should be ok. If you keep these mini walks to the same general time of day, it will make routine training a breeze as well.