Hi. I need help and advice about my cat breathing. Vets have different opinions about…

Hi. I need help and advice about my cat breathing. Vets have different opinions about the causes, and I would not want to anesthetize her several times, checking all opinions. I have the audio of her breath. Can you give your opinion where to look for the cause? I attach a video with a breath sound. I also have a blood test that shows inflammation. Leukocytes 20.7. I will add any information you need to answer.
It’s a sphinx, three years old. In two months had rhinotracheitis. After that, winters, she had a sniff in her sleep. In the warm season it passed. Since the beginning of this winter, the nose has been breathing like it blocked. Now the sound is like on attached video. No other signs (sometimes, it seems, there is a little snot. Transparent like water. But I’m not sure).
One doctor say that need to check the soft palate under general anesthesia. There may also be tracheal stenosis, he said. Another doctor says there may be a polyp. But notes that both nostrils breathe. Air passes through both.

P.S. Could not attach video. How to send it to you?

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, We are here to offer assistance but we cannot provide a diagnosis or treatment plan. An audio file is only a small piece of an examination. It is imperative to look at the patient as you are listening to them (or a video). My best advice is to find a vet you trust. Folllow their advice. In many cases for my patients I cannot rule out suspicions without anesthesia. You just can’t look at a cats mouth well enough without it. I would also recommend that you look for a cat exclusive clinic and veterinarian. They are often an… Read more »