Hi! We are adopting a 7 month old puppy and haven’t had a dog in…

Hi! We are adopting a 7 month old puppy and haven’t had a dog in 20 years so I’m looking for some advice:
How do you recommend he travel in a car?
Where is the best place to buy Science Diet food? Should I get him the puppy formula? He’s 7 months old.
What kind of treats do you recommend? I bought some Blue Health Bars baked with pumpkin and cinnamon because I really had no clue but we don’t have to use them.
How long can he be in his crate before he would need to be let out?
Do you have any advice on introducing him to cats? We have two adult males.

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

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Good morning. 7 months is a nice age. They are still a “puppy” but most likely house broken? I would definitely recommend discussing much of this with your vet at your first visit. However, a few bits of advice: the local rescue that we got most of our dogs from recommends a two week shut down. Some information can be found online and here- https://www.marshmallowfoundation.org/info/file?file=20866.pdf Hopefully I pasted that right. It really does work. Another thing that I would highly recommend is a basic obedience class for a few reasons besides the obvious of basic training. It also helps with… Read more »


ALWAYS crate in a car. Always. At this age he should be fine for 7 hours in the crate during the day.

Krista Magnifico

I like science diet puppy. It is available at petsmart and petco. I feed wet and dry. Twice a day. Puppy food for the first year. Get into a routine day one. Ideally the routine you want him to follow daily indefinitely. Always praise the good behavior. Never punish the bad. Just be kind and consistent. And lots of love and exercise help too! As far as cats go everyone is a little different Some are curious and others are obnoxious. The curious ones are easy. Just say no! If they get too close. Or seem threatening. If they get… Read more »