My dog has indigestion. She is an adopted 5 year old beagle/treeing walker coonhound…

My dog has indigestion. She is an adopted 5 year old beagle/treeing walker coonhound mix. At the vet’s direction I have been giving her 5 mg of generic pepcid at night and I split her evening meal in two, feeding the second part after her last walk so as to avoid a completely empty stomach overnight. This morning I could hear her stomach rumbling and she had no interest in eating breakfast (fyi, she eats Purina Pro Plan Savor Weight Management dry food). I gave her 5 mg pepcid. When I took her outside all she was interested in was eating grass. I deterred her but, after she wanted to go out twice more, I let her eat as much as she wanted. I was hoping she would vomit but she didn’t. She had a normal bowel movement with no grass in it. Five hours after I gave her pepcid, she is just laying about with her stomach rumbling. Is there anything else I can do for her?

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I’m afraid it is time to go back to the vet. I question the diagnosis and there seems to be little to no response to the treatment plan. If you were my patient I would probably suggest that we start with a recheck examination and some baseline diagnostics. Like bloodwork and a fecal. it sounds like nausea and anorexia but there is something that causes it. It is time to identify the cause so a better, more direct treatment plan can be found.