After losing my dog about 4 years ago I adopted a kitten. He’s a big…

After losing my dog about 4 years ago I adopted a kitten. He’s a big playful orange tabby who loves to talk and be around people, as much as my cat is a companion I really wanted a dog again for outdoor activities and because I missed having a dog. I went to the shelter and picked out a medium sized dog. He went in the cat room and reacted two way one cat in the room swatted him and he seemed disinterested then another cat in the room got more brave and my dog barked at him lunging. I decided that maybe it was just playfulness that I can correct. When I brought my new dog max home my cat immediately was upset and hid in my room. Later in the day Max found my cat and all hell broke lose. My cat started running and hissing and my dog started barking and chasing him going nuts. Took about 3 mins to get it under control but now I feel horrible. My cat is in my room and hasn’t talked or purred. I kept max outside my room the 1st night so I could sleep with my cat. He is out from under the bed and is cuddling with me. I feel like I betrayed him and he was my 1st commitment and I feel like I failed him on that part. I’m having regrets adopting Max now even though he’s a very playful dog. I don’t know what to do! Help

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