Her bed, by the way, is on my bed, right next to me, but gives…

Her bed, by the way, is on my bed, right next to me, but gives us some separation. or else she sleeps right next to me. And I mean, right against me. I worry, as I’m a bigger woman, and she is 17 pounds that she shouldn’t sleep so close to me. I do toss and turn at night. Last night I tried to get her to sleep on her bed and she looked so heartbroken. I really want her to sleep on that bed for her safety. Do you think I’m being horrible insisting she sleep on her bed? Or am I being manipulated? How do you suggest I properly transition her to her little bed?

Thank you!!

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Emilie Hamilton
5 years ago

If I where you I would just close her out of your room and place her bed out side the door! Try and train her to stay on her bed but becoming stricter and bossy when she comes on your bed like it’s forbidden! I did it with my dog now and he sleeps down stairs and usually comes up about 9 if I’m not awake to wake me! 

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hi Megan,I’m not a big fan of dogs sleeping in bed with me..Just my personal opinion. I’m always worried they’d get squished. My dog sleeps on his own “chair” at night. Also, her wanting to be on your bed can also be a dominant thing. Trying to be so close up against you could be her way of trying to be dominant. You shouldn’t feel horrible, you are just teaching her the rules of the house so that you both can be happy 🙂 Actually dogs respond best to structure and rules. So teaching her to stay in her area… Read more »