Hi, I have adopted a 4 year old cat. I have some information but not…

Hi, I have adopted a 4 year old cat. I have some information but not a lot.She is coming around to us great and very loveable. I have her upstairs off to herself for now.I have 3 dogs who are used to cats but I d not to my knowledge think she has been with dogs. My cats passed away they were all 16 and 17. The dogs have all been raised with cats but I need to slowly introduce the group. Two dogs are seniors and will not care. One is 5 and she is a yorky and she is more interested in everything then the other two. Now if the cat hiss’s which she may my yorky may become a barker at her.She is the worry. Do I slowly take Bella the one I worry about up to my cat Nina? She has already met a stray I have had for 3 years who comes in and goes where he wants and the dogs are great with him. She just stuck her hair up and looked but did not go after the cat. He is such a great cat he will walk away from a fight. Thanks for any help.

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Eleanor Wood
7 years ago

Hi, I would avoid taking Bella up to Nina, as Nina may see this as a threat to her territory and be more likely to react aggressively by hissing. Initially, if Nina is not used to dogs, leave old blankets with Nina that have the dogs’ smell on them. Then, when she is nice and relaxed, bring her down to meet one of the older dogs (even if they’re asleep!). Once she is happy strolling around both the older dogs together, then you can introduce Bella, preferably after Bella has had a long walk and is nice and tired. By… Read more »