I just adopted a 7 week old kitten a few days ago and he’s sneezing…

I just adopted a 7 week old kitten a few days ago and he’s sneezing and sniffling but it’s too late to take him to a vet. What should I do? How do I know if I should take him to emergency care or not?

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Tuzday Martinez
5 years ago

cats that come from the pound usually get sick. If the sniffling and sneezing gets worse I would take him to the doctors, but keep a look out to see if he loses his appetite and if he gets a lot of eye boogers. If that is the cause it is probably from URI (upper respiratory infection). Going from a shelter to a new home can also be very stressful for an animal so he might also just need to get acclimated.

Jayde Drury
5 years ago

I would take him to the vets my kitten was sniffing and sneezing and she had to have an antibiotic injection as it was the start of cat flu

5 years ago

new pets should get to the vet within about 3 days, anyway.  take him to the vet first thing.