We have an active pit bull who we take with us when we hike, fish…

We have an active pit bull who we take with us when we hike, fish, and swim in the nearby reservoir. We also have a blind shih tzu who cannot navigate the woods with us when we go. I can carry him in my arms but while hiking it can hurt my back. I feel bad leaving him behind when we go on these trips because he has horrible separation anxiety and once he gets to the fishing spot he is fine (actually he loves sticking his feet in the water!).

We have been looking into backpacks to carry him in but most of them are bulky. Then we found these (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pet-Dog-Carrier-Bag-Backpack-Front-Bag-Travel-Walking-Easy-Pink-Black-Strip-S-/280754210191) and we were worried the shih tzu would be uncomfortable in this. Do you think it might put too much pressure on the groin area?

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Sarah, Thank you for your question! I have never bought a backpack for my pets before, but my sister had a few that she used when her little dog Daisy was too old to be able to walk with us for long distances. She bought several different types until she found one that was comfortable for her to hold and that Daisy liked too. She ended up with a sort of cooler looking bag with a long strap that she could sling around her head and under one arm. It was also big enough and firm enough for her… Read more »