OK, my male dog about 7 years old Kaipo is a pit/lab mix. he is…

OK, my male dog about 7 years old Kaipo is a pit/lab mix. he is adorable. today I noticed while he was napping a urine stream on the floor. he was still sleeping and urine was dripping one drop at a time from his penis. He took a deep breath while sleeping and it was dripping faster? should I take him to the vet? thanks – he has never done this

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Hi there-
Sorry about your pup. Being as it is Sunday, I’m sure you only have a pet ER at your convenience. If there is no bliod in his urine, he is eating and drinking normally, no lethargy and his gums are nice and pink- I would say watch him tonight. If it happens again- I would go to the ER. Otherwise I would call the vet first thing in the morning and get an appointment right away.


Sorry I was still typing and got kicked out… if you notice that there is any pain while your dog is relieving themself, it very well could be a uti. If you do get a vet appointment, they can rule this out as well as check for things like diabetes or other diseases that may be contributing to your dog’s incontinence. Best of luck.

Krista Magnifico

Let us know what the vet thinks.