My dog is about 12 yrs old and had a rabies vaccine and blood work…

My dog is about 12 yrs old and had a rabies vaccine and blood work done little over 2 weeks ago. When I took him to the vet his belly was swollen are you little and I pointed that out to the veterinarian. After you gave the vaccine and got blood work done and at the veterinarian told me that his heart was not that good but his liver and kidneys were fine and I did not have thyroid problems but he has really bad teeth. His belly was just swollen for about a week and then I noticed a couple of white worms in his stool so I called the vet and got some warm medicine. Now his belly seems to of went down a little but he has some swelling that continues to get worse and there is swelling all over his stomach and his one right leg area. Now I cannot even lift his back legs up. I’m very worried.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I cannot tell you what is going on. I’m sorry. There isn’t enough information to guide you anywhere except back to the vets office. I would recommend xrays and an ultrasound as your next steps to see that might be going on inside the abdomen. Good luck