I got a 8 week puppy yesterday & she has bad diarrhea & she threw…

I got a 8 week puppy yesterday & she has bad diarrhea & she threw up at least twice yesterday.The color of her ‘business’ is making me concern its a very light color,my dad told me its cause Shes new to everything & the change in diet.

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Ramiah Smith
5 years ago

puppies can become dehydrated very quickly and if they are not eating and drinking it is important that they be seen. I’d replace water with pedialyte until he is eating normally to keep his electrolytes in balance. Also apply a drop of pancake syrup to his tongue to keep his glucose levels stable as well. You can try tempting him with the bland diet of boiled chicken and rice as well. If your pup does fine, you can slowly reintroduce your pup’s regular food into the chicken and rice mixture until it is all regular food. Given your description of… Read more »

5 years ago

new pets should see a vet within 3 days of coming home, anyway, so take her in today and bring that up with the vet.

5 years ago

oh, and bring a sample with you.

Anna K
5 years ago

Looks like beginning of parvo.