My 6 yr. old chocolate lab has a half of a golf ball size lump…

My 6 yr. old chocolate lab has a half of a golf ball size lump or fluid filled sac on the side of her neck. What could this be and is it recommended to bring her in for an exam? Could it simply be an irritation from her collar?

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Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

I would suggest going to an integrative veterinarian since, as Dr. Kristen says, it may be a salivary cyst and acupuncture or homeopathy may resolve it without surgery. Dr. McFarland is in Red Lion, PA (717-5014800 –, or Dr. Calabrese is in Hereford, MD (410-557-6040). you can learn a bit more about holistic approaches in general at my web site – – there are some articles there and especially the early warning signs.  while it could be a collar irritation (and I am now recommending walking on harnesses with chest attachments) or a lipoma, it does sound rather… Read more »

5 years ago


If I were you I would bring the dog to a vet for a check up. My 8 year-old poodle has a similar thing in his armpit area and it is a fatty deposit which according to my vet, dogs do get as they age. However, it is important for your vet to determine this and test it. 

This will also make you feel better and give you peace of mind. 

Good luck!


Kristen Vance
5 years ago

Hello! I would certainly schedule to bring your dog in for an appointment at your vet. More then likely this could be something as simple as a buildup of salivary fluid from a blocked salivary gland duct but there are a few other things that your vet will want to check for.