My poor pup is having some severe skin outbreak. It started occurring after the shelter…

My poor pup is having some severe skin outbreak. It started occurring after the shelter we adopted him through decided to neuter him and give him all his shots, every round of them, all at once. He now has lost all the hair on his face, and his face almost looks like he has generalized mange. However the rest of his symptoms don’t really match up with demodectic mange. His face is almost totally bald, and he is starting to show small bald patches on the rest of his body as well. His skin is very dry and clearly very itchy. He has red bumps along his collar bone, down his legs, onto his paws, and on his chest. He has strange pimple-like things on his belly, armpits and groin area. He is very swollen in the face and the lymph nodes (they are bigger and feel like they have liquid in them). He does not have a fever and no real decrease in activity. I am a bit reluctant to take him to my usual vet, as they were the ones that decided that 12 vaccinations at once was a good idea. I have tried; dogs n mites shampoo, benzoyl peroxide shampoo, anti bacterial/fungal shampoo (haven’t tried as much as the other ones), collital silver salve, nu stock salve, dietary change to gluten and grain free, added vitamins and minerals to his current diet. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is there anything I can try that I havent already to help my poor pup?

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julie brader
5 years ago

Oh dear!! Your poor boy!! He does look sore.

Honestly I would take him to another Vet and get a skin scraping and some tests  done. Sounds like you have done everything you can…time for a Vet. It could be a reaction to all the innoculations at once to allergy to mange. Can’t understand why your Vet did that….bit of an overload on his system all the innoculations at once I would have thought. 

Do hope he recovers bless him ?

julie brader
5 years ago

Absolutely I agree. A totally natural diet may help but you are already feeding one really. Good luck do hope he recovers soon ?

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

I would not bring him to the same vet, giving your dog all those shots at once is very dangerous ,and in some cases of vets doing this the dogs have passed away. Vets are not suppose to give the shot like that but they still do it to safe there preious time, but its not right. Its up to you but I would look for a different vet or tell your vet that you do not want them to give your poor baby his shots all at once again. Good luck and may god bless you and your poor… Read more »

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

*Save time*