he is on a chain outside. i give him a bath and the flies wont…

he is on a chain outside. i give him a bath and the flies wont touch him for two to three days.

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Brent Harte
5 years ago

When treating your dog long term and continually it is essential to utilize natural compounds. Constant exposure to chemicals may lead to toxicity. There are several natural repellants for flys, we recommend a well established product, Bug Soother, the formulation works on both humans and dogs and smells great.

Brent Harte
5 years ago

We attend 100s of pet events and interact with thousands of dog owners. I therefor know any dog owner would consider this abuse. Every dog deserves the opportunity to have their quality of life improved VIA forums like Pawbly yet people who abuse animals should be blocked, I truly hope your description of how you treat your dog is fake and you are only trying to extract a reaction from this community.

Margrit Simons
5 years ago

Dr. Krista already said what I was going to say, only better! I may be ignorant, but I can not understand why people get a helpless dog, only to chain him up and imprison him outside! They are living, feeling beings, not inanimate objects!