My 3 months bengal cat lets me to pet it only when it’s top of…

My 3 months bengal cat lets me to pet it only when it’s top of a cupboard, but when it comes down he hisses & attempts to scratch. When he’s on top again, he’s okay. Any tips on how the cat will let me to pet it when it’s off my cupboard?

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

I have been through this and my journey went just exactly as you are describing! It takes patience and lots of love! You can do it! I would pet him when and where he allowed me to and I didn’t push it when he was not in a safe place for him. Over time he became more comfortable. The rest of my family is still waiting for their turn to be able to pet him but they are being patient and hopeful. I used treats sometimes when he was in the uncomfortable areas so he had a positive experience. Keep… Read more »

Kate McKelvie
5 years ago

How long have you had this kitten?  I think with time he will feel safer and more comfortable.  It takes time to develop trust, and many kitties prefer to do the approaching!  You may be able to coax him into playing with a wand toy, ball, etc, as an ice breaker.  You also may be allowed to pet him when he’s enjoying some canned kitten food?  I would also approach the breeder for advice!

Best wishes.