my 3 month old puppy keeps eating her poop, i gave her pineapple juice with…

my 3 month old puppy keeps eating her poop, i gave her pineapple juice with her food at 5:30 & she pooped at 11pm & still went & got a bite out of it before i grabbed her, should i try giving her a actual piece of pineapple? or more juice?

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julie brader
5 years ago

Hi….there could be numerous reasons your puppy is eating her poop….from a learning experience (puppies like babies test with their mouths) and she’ll grow out of it  to a deficiency in her diet to internal parasites to the way you are reacting to her eating it…plus a lot of other reasons.

Please consult your Vet on this to work out why shes doing it before it gets to be a very bad habit.

Good luck ?

PK Dennis
5 years ago

Puppies eat poop.  Just one of those things that dogs do that humans are grossed out about!  This is typical behavior of puppy mill dogs especially.  In my experience nothing you can feed her will stop her from wanting to eat her stool.  She will outgrow it most likely.  In the mean time you should take her out on a leash so once she poops you will be able to control her access to the poo. Also, you should take high value treats out with you (ckicken, dried liver) and as soon as she poops tug her away from the… Read more »

Margrit Simons
5 years ago

Or sprinkle just a Tiny drop of hot pepper sauce on her feces!