My 2yr old pregnant am staff is on day 55 and her eyes have rolled…

My 2yr old pregnant am staff is on day 55 and her eyes have rolled back into her head and she can’t focus on anything .. Refusing water .. I’m very concerned, or could this be a sign of her going into labour ?

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5 years ago

i would be very concerned.  that doesn’t sound like normal labor to me.  please take her to the vet immediately.  if yours is no longer open today, take her to the emergency vet.  please.  

julie brader
5 years ago

I have to agree with Laura this is not normal labour. I would have had her to a Vet long before now. 

Ramiah Smith
5 years ago

A temperature drop down to 97-99 degrees Fahrenheit and held for two readings taken twelve hours apart signals impending delivery within the next 12- 24 hours. A fluctuation in temperature is very normal, usually there will be a dramatic drop to below 99F to let you know the pups are are their way. Another sign that labor is going to begin is when there is a clear discharge from her vulva. So your dog might be acting totally normal now, but in the hours to come that can all change!Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling when exactly your dog will… Read more »

Ramiah Smith
5 years ago

Thats not normal labor. almost sounds like shes having seizures.. here are some warnings signs just in case…  What happens during a typical seizure? Seizures consist of three components: 1)  The pre-ictal phase, or aura, is a period of altered behavior in which the dog may hide, appear nervous, or seek out the owner. It may be restless, nervous, whining, shaking, or salivating. This may last a few seconds to a few hours. This period precedes the seizure activity, as if the dog senses that something is about to occur. 2)  The ictal phase is the seizure itself and lasts from a few seconds… Read more »