How do I get my 20wk old bulldog to hold his bladder he can go…

How do I get my 20wk old bulldog to hold his bladder he can go all night 12 hrs but during the day will pee on my floor I don’t get it should he still be having accident I have had him a month now help!!!!

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

There is a big difference between keeping dry all night and dry during the day when he is up and about.  At 5 months I don’t expect my pups to hold their bladder for more than an hour or two when they are awake and active.  I walk them outside every hour or so and ask them to ‘go potty’ — this usually prevents the indoor accidents.  I also take them out after they have been playing hard, and after meals for a longer time.  Celebrate the dry nights, and get on a better schedule during the waking hours so… Read more »

5 years ago

what training methods have you used?  is he crated when you can’t supervise him 100% of the time?  how often do you take him out?  you need to keep in mind that at this age, any accidents are NOT his fault.  he should be crated when you can’t watch him, and you should be taking him out every half hour or so until he no longer needs to go at that frequency.

5 years ago

well, they need to be trained. they don’t pop out of Momma barking to be let out. 😉 you need to make him understand that outside is for potty time, and only outside. that means throwing a party when he goes outside, and taking him out FREQUENTLY. i’m not kidding when i said every half hour. eventually he’ll get it, but you need to be consistent. you can’t wait for him to let you know – you need to keep an eye on the clock. and as Dr. M said, definitely get in touch with your vet about it in… Read more »