My 2 year old smaller pit bull mix seems very stuff in the neck area…

My 2 year old smaller pit bull mix seems very stuff in the neck area, yelps if we lift up her front legs, has been lightly shivering all morning. Any suggestions? She is lethargic but still gets up and around still gets excited but refuses to jump. She’s regularly a active dog. Recently had issues with fleas but on preventive now. No vomiting or upset belly so far just gas that’s usual for her. She seems to moan a lot when getting comfortable. She was wearing a blow up e collar for the past few weeks due to excessive licking from fleas or food not sure yet but got a natural food and flea preventive.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

As Dr. Krista listed, it could be a number of things — one of my Cairns presented this way one morning this winter, off to the vet we went and it turned out to be a herniated disk in his neck.  Crate rest, meds for pain, and meds to reduce swelling got him back to his normal, happy self over a 6 week period.  Sounds like she is in a lot of pain (moaning, not jumping, etc), I would take her to a vet to ensure things don’t get worse!