I have a 16yr old jr that has ccd and is on selegine. He is…

I have a 16yr old jr that has ccd and is on selegine. He is very restless a night. Any suggestions to help him sleep thru the night?

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

I recently read an article in the Whole Dog Journal about a woman’s experience with her dog and ccd.  Her dog reached a point where he could not rest unless she held him down (it was a large dog).  Just putting him on a sofa or bed with her, and laying an arm across him allowed both of them to get the rest they needed.  That worked for a long period of time for them.  Don’t know if your jr is sleeping with you, or in his own space — but thought I would offer the idea to you. Keep… Read more »

Joe Mccollum
5 years ago

Nancy, how is your JR doing? What is his/her name?

Robert Biser
5 years ago

In my experience with this type of situation (not exactly) for both cats and dogs, I have found many answers (not all, but many) to making life more comfortable, during the day and through the night, buy using Holistic/herbal medicines. One in particular is Pet Essences Pain Relief Holistic Remedy Flower Essences at onlynaturalpet.com You can read about this on their site. This is not suggesting a breakaway from traditional medicines, but you own it to your pet to look at all options. I often wonder, if the medications we give our pets, aren’t causing other problems. Speak with your… Read more »

Pete Wedderburn
5 years ago

Best to talk to your veterinarian about what else might be able to be prescribed. My experience is that some animals respond better to some drugs than others, and it can be a process of trial and error to find the right one. As well as that, looking at his routine and environment can help. Giving him a longer walk before bed, feeding him earlier in the evening, and leaving a radio on close to him can all help. And perhaps giving him a warmer bed (such as an electric blanket) might help him settle more. The best of luck… Read more »