My 15 year old American Eskimo has hot spot, going to the vet is not…

My 15 year old American Eskimo has hot spot, going to the vet is not doable , money is really tight. I have heard all kind of things to do. Is there anything I could here at home to help her?

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

All good advice already given — just want to mention that a lot of allergies are compounded by having grain in the diet — so help your dog’s immune system by removing all sources of grains (including treats) as you help your dog heal. I really like the salt water compress advice, my first family doctor (we called him the ‘horse’ doctor because he not only delivered all of us at home at my mother’s insistence, he doctored us with things he used on his champion jumpers) always said that liberal applications of salt water will kill most any infection,… Read more »

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

There are many things you can do for a hot spot. First, I am assuming that it is oozing and wet and smelly and itchy. If not, some of the following may not apply.  check carefully for any other skin irritations so you have a baseline. Record the current state of this “hot spot”.  carefully clip the fur around the hot spot so it is not getting stuck there.  Wash the spot gently with an organic mild soap (people soap is ok) Now you have several options: Get some lye soap (old fashioned brown soap) from a real drug store,… Read more »

Amlee Roundfield
5 years ago

Try a salt water compress to cleanse and then some cortisone cream to help with the itch. You may need to clip/cut the hair around the area.

So, clip the hair, cleanse the area, and then soothe the area with tea bag compress or cortisone cream if serious.

I’m not a vet but have used home remedies on both pets and children with slow but success