Got a 14 week old pup who has had her jabs. She is itching all…

Got a 14 week old pup who has had her jabs. She is itching all over. Had her at vet who took scraping but nothing showing. Poor girl is demented as am i

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Molly Strawberry
5 years ago

Ok this happend to my dog once we used hypoallergenic dog aloe cream and it went in a day  

Jana Rade
5 years ago

I think by jabs she means vaccines … ?

Jana Rade
5 years ago

I take it you’re talking about vaccination and it’s happened recently such as today or yesterday? Itchy skin that may or may not have hives can be a side effect of vaccination. I would definitely talk to the vet about this right away to make sure the situation doesn’t get worse as well as have it on file because if this is a reaction to the vaccine(s) serious precautions need to be take from now on.

Please see the link

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

From a holistic perspective, we are actually happy when we see skin issues rather than more serious ailments. Our goal is to soothe the skin while we discover what is needed to re-balance the energetic imbalance causing the ailment.  First, I would wonder how recently she had her vaccinations and how soon after them did the itching develop? Or was there some itching even before the first round of vaccines? Yes, I see a large number of ailments from vaccines, and not merely acute problems, but I also see severe itching from chemicals used in the house (laundry detergent for… Read more »

tammy kleckner
5 years ago

I had a dog that use to do this too I used tomatoe juice or natural tomatoe juice it helped him get better.