My 13 week old puppy had blood in his poo I wormed him but gave…

My 13 week old puppy had blood in his poo I wormed him but gave him to much he was a bit dopey but seems to be getting his energy back but still has blood in his life poo

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julie brader
5 years ago

You shouldn’t have wormed him if he had blood in his pooh. If his insides are bleeding already scouring them with a wormer is not a good idea. Then you gave him too much?!

Hes only 13 weeks old don’t take risks with a puppy that young. You need to take him straight to the Vet and take a sample of pooh with you. 

Don’t leave him with blood in his stools, ir could be Parvo or anything. Please make sure you weigh him to get the correct doseage before you give him any medication at all. 

Catherine Pepe
5 years ago

I had the same thing wrong with my puppy. I had to take him to the vet a couple times with poo samples. He had a parasite and also I had to change his food. Sometimes even a de worming still will leave certain special parasites alive. Take him in with a poo sample soon. Good Luck!!!