Hi there. I have an 11 year old pug who’s been diagnosed with a herniated…

Hi there. I have an 11 year old pug who’s been diagnosed with a herniated disc. She’s been given anti-inflammatories and put outside in a small alleyway where her movement can be limited (crating her drove her crazy and she started having trouble breathing) However the anti-inflammatories do not seem to be working as she her back legs seem to be becoming increasingly unsteady and she makes bowl movements while standing, it seems like she can’t feel it. The vet recommended that we avoid surgery because of her age and stronger medication may impact her heart. She is still very hyperactive and doesn’t seem to be in any physical pain, but my father said we may have to put her down if her legs get any worse :'( I could really use some advice. What do you recommend?

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Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

first, I would suggest asking for Reiki to be sent (from anywhere in the world) to help her. I know there are some in SA, or you can contact one listed below. this can help the hyperactivity.  second, get Rescue remedy from a health food store if that is available to you. It is good for temporary pain relief and emotional stress.  Put 4 drops in an ounce of water in a jar and give a few drops in every meal and every few hours in between. You cannot use it too often. It is totally safe. It is great for… Read more »