My 11 month old Aus cattle dog loves rawhide and is an aggressive chewer. …

My 11 month old Aus cattle dog loves rawhide and is an aggressive chewer. She’s throw up dog food and rawhide a couple times in the last week. She’s got an antler and bone – but doesn’t like them the same. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Kristen Vance
5 years ago

Adding a quick veterinary opinion- I would not give my dog rawhide products. I have seen too many problems. If you have a natural pet food store or a pet valu around you can get plenty of safe easily digestible alternatives for her to chew.

On the note about her throwing up- monitor this- even if she doesn’t act sickly- vomiting up whole food and/or pieces of rawhide continually could potentially mean she has something stuck that is not allowing food to move through her system.

Jackie Gutshall
5 years ago

Hi we have a 9 month old chocolate lab who is also an aggressive chewer and he loves the Kong chew toys for aggressive chewers if you get the red or black ones they are pretty durable. We also get the nylabone products. Both are made in USA. Our pup loves them both he chews on them for hours without destroying them and seems to prefer the Kong and nylabone over chewing on anything else in the house. So far he’s had no issues with either of them and both products also have ones that you can put treats inside… Read more »

Jessica Alpha
5 years ago

Kongs are great!  My other favorite is the ever lasting treat ball made by Starmark.  The half sphere treats fit into the ball (one on each side), so that your dog can only lick and nibble the treat and can’t actually bite it.  I like these because the treats come in three long lasting flavors and there is space to hide small soft treats inside the ball too!  

PK Dennis
5 years ago

I never give rawhide to a dog – there is too great a risk of them biting off a piece that then blocks their digestive track.  Leading to expensive surgery (if you catch it in time) or even death (if you don’t catch it in time).  And let’s not forget all the toxic chemicals that can be in the rawhide if it is not cured in the United States (things from China are sicking and killing American dogs right and left!)   My aggressive chewer gets the Kong toys mentioned in the prior post, especially the black Kongs.  I drop… Read more »

Jana Rade
5 years ago

I’m not a fan of rawhides. I think the bully sticks, those that are from beef tendons are great and quite attractive to dogs. Also, unlike rawhide, fully digestible.

The kong suggestion is also great. If you want your kong to last longer, stuff it and freeze it.

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

I hope your dog got over her vomiting without a problem and you have found something safe suggested below that she likes as much as rawhides. I agree with everyone – I do not suggest rawhides. Near you is The big Bad Woof in Tacoma Park. They are a wonderful holistic pet store. They will have a variety of great toys/chews/food/medicines that should  be safe, though you still should read the label.  For  a long and healthy life, with less money spent by you on health care, check out my webiste –, especially the 7 keys to health. A… Read more »

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

I’ll add that I also am not a fan of rawhides, just to dangerous. I work in a kennel and the dogs can be really hard on toys and chews. Most of the dogs really love the real cannon and marrow hard bones. Indestructable even by the hardest chewers, but they tend to sit and lick/chew/gnaw on them for a long time. (even more if the bones are hollow in the center)..If the bones are hollow in the center , you can stuff them with peanut butter or other treats. Kongs are def great when you freeze them with treats… Read more »