My cat was hit by a car a few hours ago. I took him…


My cat was hit by a car a few hours ago. I took him to a Vet at about 11:30pm. We were there for maybe 30 minutes. The Vet said there were no obvious signs of internal bleeding.

– Vet said that it looked like our cat was hit in the face, two abrasions, no fracture, jaw is okay
– My cat was in obvious pain and wasn’t moving. I was sure that he was dying.
– My cat had blood in his mouth, Vet said that it looked like he bit his tongue.
– Small amount of blood from nose, nose was scraped, no blood from ears
– Blood coming from his rectum, Vet said it looked like his butt was scraped against the ground
– Vet did not offer or recommend x-rays
– Vet picked our cat up and put him on the ground to see him walk, cat was hesitant, but slowly made his way to me
– Gave our cat morphine (every 8-12 hours) and said that he is probably fine, but to watch him closely.
– He has been home for a few hours. He’s laying in his bed. He just seems so messed up. Not moving. Eyes look odd to me, but then again he’s on morphine.

My cat is a year old, leash trained, never goes outside unless he’s on his leash. He knows that, but he and his brother went anyways when they got the door open.

Thank you for offering this service.


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Margrit Simons
5 years ago

Hi Ross; I just want to let you know how much l respect you for caring so much for your cat and I wish that there were many more pet owners like you! Perhaps you could ask your vet why he/she did not believe that an X-ray was necessary; the answer may give you more peace of mind!