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Valerie | 2 years ago
Hello . My Dog Was Just Diagnosed With Ivdd. She Is 5 Years Old . We Are On Day 6 …

Hello . My dog was just diagnosed with ivdd. She is 5 years old . We are on day 6 and at night I notice she will wake up from a sleep and Yelp and try to get comfortable again . Sometimes she twitches too . She seems restless . She is on gabapentin tramadol and predisone . I feel that she is still in pain any suggestions?

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  1. Sarah

    Good morning- so sorry about your pup. You should speak to your vet again and explain your concerns about pain, medications and management. Also- I know that Dr. Magnifico has a lot of information on ivdd on her YouTube channel, in case you have not checked there already. Very best to you🐾💛

    1. Valerie Post author

      Thank You Very much . Update my pup is doing Very well I am so happy to say! She will still need to be in crate for another two weeks but that’s ok I’m so happy she made a turn around


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