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Teresa Hamrick | 2 years ago
My 1 1/2 Yr Old Cat Has Bumps On The Outside Of His Ears And…

My 1 1/2 yr old cat has bumps on the outside of his ears and his nose. He has been checked for ear mites – none. They seem to be aggravated by the heat. I have put Neosporen on them and it helps for a little white. What else might I try?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

This could be so many things. Like fly strike, fleas, allergies, or even skin cancer (to name a few). I’m sorry but we can’t offer a treatment option until your vet helps you understand what the cause might be. And even then you would have to get the medications from your vet. We are an advisory community. We cannot diagnose nor treat. Please see your vet. Manybe it’s something easy and treatable?

2 years ago

Hi? Did your vet run any tests to see what they might be? Do they think it is an allergic reaction? Or did they do a skin scrape to see if they could determine a possible cause? I wouldn’t try using anything until I had a better idea of what the cause might be.

Teresa Hamrick

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