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Suzanne Cannon | 5 years ago
The Availability Of Items Has Changed So Much Since I Last Had A Puppy Over…

The availability of items has changed so much since I last had a puppy over 10 years ago. I never give any of my dogs rawhide, so I’m looking for safe alternatives that satisfy the need to chew, especially for a 10 week old pup. Nylabone, nylabone edibles, what else is appropriate? I’m looking for safe, and hopefully not extremely expensive. And what about giving things like carrots, quartered apples, pears, etc? Thank you~!

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Diedra Cardamone

Hi Suzanne. My family gave our puppy many different toys when he was a puppy: squeaky ones, crinkly sounding toys, rope toys, etc. We always stayed in the same room when she played so we could make sure she was safe, didn’t ingest pieces and took the toy away when it came apart. We loved the Kong toys where you can hide a treat inside. It is good for your pet to work for and think about getting to the treat and to keep him busy. We didn’t use many treats but if we did we would only use those… Read more »

Kelly Furgason

Hi Suzanne,Great question, I like Diedra’s suggestions too. Here are a few more…. To answer your question, yes you can certainly give chunks of veggies or fruits as treats. You are wise to not do rawhides or rawhide chews as they are really easy to get stuck inside the mouth. Kong makes awesome toys and they last forever so although they may be an investment, they pay off in the long run. You can also buy marrow bones (they look like smooth bones about 6+ inches long, sometimes they are hollow sometimes they are filled. They are really hard and… Read more »

Jennifer Bae

Hello Suzanne. I recommend antlers. Dogs/puppies love them and they’re good for their teeth. They are sold at any pet shops. I have 2 dogs and they both love to chew on antlers for hours.  Another great option is to make your own frozen treats at home and fill KONGs with them. One recipe that I make for my dogs often is really easy. Cook oatmeal, add pureed pumpkin and small amount of peanut butter and mix. Fill kongs with them and freeze. Oatmeal and pumpkin is really good for dogs and the peanut butter adds some sweetness that dogs… Read more »

Guy Styles

What? Are these people Kong representatives? My dog will chews up kong toys in about 10 minutes unless it’s their thick rubber cone looking toy, she just sniffs at that.

More economical, and almost more fun are plastic water bottles. Want it to last longer, braid some rope around it, put a treat in it, throw it out when done. They don’t leave many plastic pieces everywhere, plastic bottles will just get flat.

As for treats, every dog is different. Meat always works, but it’s messy.

Suzanne Cannon

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