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Amber | 12 months ago
Hello! My Cat Chunk Has Been Recently Having Issues With His Front Paws For The Past 2 …

my cat chunk has been recently having issues with his front paws for the past 2 months. It’s off and on and when I touch his paws he doesn’t wince or cry. He still uses the scratching pad with no issue, but he’s limping and he can no longer jump up on the bed as easily. I’m afraid he may have arthritis. What is a good supplement or something we can get to help him with his joints so he’s strong again! He’s not an elderly cat, I guess you could call him middle aged. Thank you! He’s about 15 lbs

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11 months ago

I think I’d start with a vet check. Medicating without diagnosis can be dangerous, and it’s possible he has an injury you can’t see.


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