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Hello!! I found Dr Krista’s YT vid (Stripes the cat re nasal polyps) while researching my kitty’s condition. I have had Percy out to Pet ER w. initial thick mucus that became tinged w. a bit of blood. He was prescribed Doxy to treat the infection… it wasn’t until during the course of treatment that he began the “snoring” at which point I rushed him back to Pet ER. Having limited funds and no experience w. these issues ever before, I opted for Labs (figuring that would be a start). Unfortunately, the results did not “tell me anything unusual” and I am not a vet. It was then that I learned about these polyps … and I feel confident that this could be what Percy is suffering from (unless there may be a foreign object obstructing his airway). At this point I have no dx!! I’ve been on the veterinary roller-coaster ride trying to determine the best course of action between my local vet (Dundalk Animal Hosp), Pet ER or another vet altogether… at this point not knowing the cause of his breathing issue or how much the costs may be… I guess I can understand why “estimates” can’t be given … I am just trying to determine the LESS COSTLY route and there seems to be no clear answer. My head is spinning and I want the best for Percy and to NOT have to lose him, that’s the bottom line… my heart is hurting as this was so unexpected!! Would it be possible to fit Percy into the clinic’s busy schedule ASAP?? I called this morning and was told that Monday is already full. Emily advised to reach out on Pawbly … I also sent a pm on FB.
I am attaching a short clip, (this is all I have for now but need to make a better one as I am considering creating a crowdfunding campaign and blog as well). I really need help, I cared for 2 cats last year both former strays, one Main Coon mix w. Hypercardiomyopathy and the other cancer of his paw which was eating away. Both these babies tore my heart in 2 but I did what I had to until it was time to journey on RIP… we had a family of 6 at that time along w. my deceased uncle’s dog. My Care Credit card was easily almost maxed out… my boys and I are pitching in together as many ways as possible for Percy. He is the last of our most recent feline family and I do NOT EVER want to stop caring for animals!! Thank you for my restored faith in humanity!! ~Love~ Shelley & Percy

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